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4D Scheduling

4D BIM - Construction Scheduling Services

Here at MaRS BIM, one of the crucial elements of our BIM Services is 4D simulation services which we develop in collaboration with the Project Construction Supervision team as well as the data they provide. We take all the data related to the planning of the project as well as its construction and this we use to come up with 4D BIM services. Our in-depth experience in working with various AEC groups and companies has enabled us to come up with highly reliable services on a consistent level.

Being the leading BIM service providers, we provide extension 4D simulation support to our clients that are at par with the global standards. Our building information modeling services are used by some of the leading AEC companies in the world and we have received widespread praise for our in-depth assistance in the field of BIM modeling services.

Features of our 4D simulation services:

  • All the relevant data associated with construction and project planning are first collected and analyzed; then the inferences are discussed with the construction planning team before the information is used to come up with competent 4D simulation services.
  • Once we receive the data required for project planning, our technical team changes the various aspects of the 3D Revit model geometry. We then use this model and export data from it to the 4D simulation.
  • After this process, all the construction tasks and planning data are linked to the 3D model.
  • This is followed by the adjusting of the visualization parameter.
  • The process of the 4D simulation is run after it; this is carried out in the Naviswork simulate.
  • The best part of 4D simulation is that it can perfectly relate to the actual progress as well as the progress of construction that was originally envisioned. Working with this model also helps to evaluate the delays and differences associated with the progress and make all the necessary changes.

How We Work


Adapting and refining the time schedule (project schedule)


Changing granularity of 3D model (Revit model)


Exporting data to 4D simulation package


Linked 3D model to tasks of the construction schedule


Adjusting visualization parameter


4D simulation of planned progress


Compare planned vs actual progress

Benefits of 4D BIM:

There are numerous advantages of working with 4D simulation, some of which have been mentioned below in brief:

  • It helps to create perfect synchronization of the construction planning and the design.
  • It allows users to achieve better implementation of the lean techniques meant for construction.
  • It facilitates smooth synchronization of procurement with the various design and construction processes.

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