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BIM For Facility Management

BIM For Facility Management

Whether it is a small or a large project, every AEC firm needs to have the optimum building operations and maintenance optimization support. This helps the project managers and developers to make sure that a very high level of accuracy is maintained with all the associated aspects of the building process.

Being one of the pioneering firms when it comes to building information modeling, MaRS BIM is well aware of how to provide clients with what they need to enhance the accuracy of their engineering and construction projects. We are one of the most reliable names when it comes to BIM modeling services. For quite some time, we have also been delivering some of the most reliable optimum building operations and maintenance optimization support to various AEC companies.

BIM For Facility Management

MaRS BIM is one of the leading BIM consultants known for providing Revit 3D BIM Modeling Services Provider and reliable BIM services global clients. We excel at developing state of the art 3D models for the AEC industry that in turn help them to fulfill their construction and engineering goals. Our building information modeling services have helped countless AEC companies reach their business goals.

Whether it is a small or a big project, MaRS BIM is capable of achieving a very high level of accuracy in 3D modeling services this has led clients from all over the world choose us when they need 3D modeling support for their AEC projects. Having a vast experience in the BIM market, our experts have time and again proven their skills in coming up with top notch 3D modeling solutions & BIM for Building services to for the AEC industry. Each and every aspect of model creation is analyzed carefully before it is finally delivered to our clients.

We provide 3D BIM modeling services to enhance your project efficiency and create BIM objects to design accurate 3D models for your customized products. Our 3D model outsourcing services aim to bring coordination and collaboration between different disciplines of architectural, structural and MEP designs.

Our Features

Asset digitization is crucial to make sure that our clients have all the relevant information at hand when they need it. Our team checks and compiles thoroughly all the scattered information, then verifies them with the as-built survey and arranges them in a single common BIM Platform.

MaRS provides scan to BIM and point cloud to BIM services. We convert point cloud data into information rich BIM models. We offer point cloud to Revit BIM services with complete details for architectural elements and for all structural elements. We provide scan to BIM models for architectural and structural building elements for many of these customers. We also provide MEP scan to BIM services to consulting engineers, MEP designers and MEP Consultant.

Point Cloud to Revit BIM Services includes Tracing and Surface Restructuring from point cloud data, Point cloud to BIM 4D for construction scheduling, 3D Point Cloud Scans, Point cloud to BIM 5D for cost estimation.

The Smart Documentation techniques that we implement will ease all the Operations and Maintenance tasks with the room data sheets and interlinked system drawings. Our services also help clients to maintain their actual asset data which helps in bringingdown the costs associated with pre-emptive maintenance, new additions and renovations.

We will make sure that high accuracy is maintained with your BIM in relation to its original as-built condition by using various sources like photographs, point clouds and the as-built drawings that are obtained from different consultants.

We will help you to identify the problem area (i.e. room) and the interlinked smart documentation that we have for that room will provide us with all the information that an FM engineer is going to require preliminarily to respond quickly to the situation.

Space Planning along with the analysis of its utilization with the help of color coded layouts as well as schedules in BIM are things that we excel in. We can also assist you to test potential change virtually in order to determine the impact before implementation.

Asset roll optimization is a crucial management process in the AEC BIM chain. It helps companies to make sure that the BIM models that are being created are of the highest quality and that there are no flaws or discrepancies with the data. It also allows in bringing down production costs, saving on construction time and enhancing the overall productivity of the project team. Without proper asset roll optimization techniques, a company cannot use its resources to come up with the best results.

MaRS BIM is a leading building information modeling company known for delivering reliable asset roll optimization services to AEC companies. We have helped numerous AEC firms to boost the quality of their finished projects. We have some of the best BIM consultants working with us and the experts in our team can work together with the BIM professionals of our clients and recommend valuable methods that in turn enhance their quality, accuracy and proficiency.

This helps to analyze the exact Quantity Take offs at real time during all the various stages of a given project. It also helps companies to come up with tailored BIM along with custom shared parameters that are scheduled to quantify easily all the elements and materials. Having accurately quantified materials is good for the purpose of pre-order as it helps to save overall construction time.

Whether you are trying to execute a small building project or a large one, it is crucial that you carry out highly accurate BIM audits as this helps you to increase efficiency of your technical team at every step of the way. Doing this also helps you to get better returns with less expenditure; something that benefits your business in the end. The BIM services that we can offer you will not only help you to carry out highly accurate audits but also enhance your overall productivity to a great extent. While the industry for BIM modeling has expanded over the last few years, we still stand as the pioneer in all aspects of BIM Services by delivering quality performance in everything we do.

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