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Laser Scanning Services in India

Laser Scanning Services in India

MaRS BIM provides Laser Scanning Services in India with the use of Faro scanner and As-built Documentation.

We have extensive experience in BIM modeling and 3D Scanning technologies. We offer the best service to help companies carry out better quality projects and save time and money.

The scanner makes a 360º scan of all the details of both the facade and the interior. The result is a point cloud of millimeter precision that reflects the typical irregularities of a property to be rehabilitated.

Rehabilitation 3D Scanning

Rehabilitation 3D Scanning in India

Facades and ornaments damaged by the passage of time, specific reforms carried out in the same block, facilities added abroad, etc.

All these undocumented elements will be faithfully recorded in digital format and will be essential when designing specific technical solutions for each case.

Thanks to the point cloud and the virtual visit, technical problems can be anticipated and work stoppages avoided.

Historical Heritage 3D Scanning

Historical 3D Scanning in India

3D scanner technology is a great ally when it comes to surveying buildings that are part of the architectural, historical and artistic heritage of a community.

The point cloud will capture in detail complex geometries of architectural elements, sculptures, valuable environments, etc. The information obtained will be a very valuable database to be able to analyze the current state of buildings of great age, without risk of damaging them.

In this way we can address a conservation and maintenance plan with much more information.

Industrial Sector 3D Scanning

Industrial 3D Scanning in India

Scanning is a very useful technology in the Industry sector as it generates detailed documentation of an industrial plant through 3D surveys of the facilities that comprise it.

The objective is to achieve improved plant management and facilitate equipment modification, expansion or replacement tasks.

The 3D point cloud will help the owner to make decisions without risk of making mistakes and without having to make numerous visits to the plant to take measurements.

Facade Ornaments 3D Scanning

Facade Ornaments 3D Scanning in India

The conservation and maintenance of the facade ornaments is an increasingly important issue due to the progressive deterioration that many buildings of protected architecture suffer in the structure.

Combining different technologies (3D scanner, manual scanner, photogrammetry) we can document the sets in detail, model them in 3D in order to add them to our BIM model.

This will be taken into account when planning the rehabilitation of the façade.

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