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Data and Information Security

Data and Information Security

Data and Information security is the key point that our clients expect from us. As a leading outsourcing partner, our company focuses on availability, integrity, authentication, confidentiality, and non-repudiation of information and systems. Being aware of our client's concerns, we assure complete data and information security. Knowing the current business trends related to data safety and security, the trusted name is Mars BIM.

To gain clients' confidence and trust we undergo a process by signing contracts and NDA's. This offering helps us understand integral components of the project and its data. To ensure data safety and information security we follow all the necessary protocols that help eliminate the risk and breach of contract.

We use all the necessary technologies and forms that help secure data from hacking and malware attacks. Not only this but we allow full control and use of data with care and purpose-driven.

Secure BIM Modeling Services

Important Features

  • Protection of Data with the complete and controlled transmission.
  • Advanced safety features that help secure data before, during, and post-project completion.
  • Abidance and Conformance of information safety.
  • The in-house processing of data and information safety to assure preventing breach of project details.
  • An effective channel and process to fully meet the security parameters and security threats.
  • Assuring data safety in all data formats.
  • Provision of having an extra firewall and security system demanded by the clients.
  • Maintaining and keeping an eye on regular auditing of the use of CAD data.
  • Implementing steps and unit-wise safety features for clients' data and information security.
  • Enforcing a proper way to prevent the data with the proven mechanism that is effective and worth eliminating breaches of data.

Assured Data and Information Security

To ensure secure data of the project and build the trust of our clients, here is the practice we follow. It is a genuine process and a practice that we follow at each level of projects.

Furthermore, we have strict rules and policies at the individual employee level to use the data and follow regular measures that are within the company guidelines.

Signing Non-Disclosure Agreement

Before the start of the project, both parties sign a non-disclosure agreement that has all legal information and compliance with all terms and conditions of the project.

Managed Data Back-Up

The team manages to keep proper backup data of the project across all levels of business. It can be in public, private, and hybrid cloud sharing systems.

Business Continuity

To keep operations running, we maintain the decorum of replicating the critical data that is safe, secure, and within the business practices.

Disaster Recovery

Our team has skills in recovering all the data and information within minutes and hours rather than taking time for days or weeks.

Threat Detection

The advanced technology and software keep an eye on the server to prevent loss of data and cyber-attacks.

Data Safety

With the use of encrypted emails, all the project-related files, folders, and data are having confidentiality and thus it helps eliminate risk at the time of sharing data.

Data Sharing

The process of sharing project data is authorized by only team leaders. This is followed by all the necessary guidelines and protocols. MaRS BIM does not entertain sharing of information via the open-source method.

Speak to our team today to know the steps and processes we follow in securing the data and information security of the project.