How Laser Scanning solution can help in renovation projects of Indian architecture buildings?

The technology across the different industries and business sectors has bought a real change in the process of delivering the work with much accuracy and precision. It is also seen that many of the leading AEC industries across the globe and in India rely upon the services of laser scanning or laser scan in India and it is due to the development of BIM models that is highly accurate and comprehensive. 

These BIM models that are created are used in projects like as-builts, renovation, or refurbishment of old buildings. For all such work, the technology that is undertaken is laser scanning services along with 3D Laser Scanning Services in India

Nowadays laser scan in India is much in demand and this is because this service helps to reconstruct old buildings as well assist in working on heritage monuments without demolishing them.

The work of 3D laser scanning is also undertaken for other applications like as-builts, virtual design construction, comparison between the design and the intent to have the as-builts, along with the quality of the work during the construction, and in BIM services too. To build proper and accurate 3D surveys for the clients the work taken into consideration is external and internal laser scanning. Also, this step helps while assisting in the creation of accurate and intelligent 3D models.

The work of laser scanning is something that helps the overall process of renovation work become easier and more accurate. This undertaking of technology of laser scanning gives in-depth details of every smallest detail of the model with the necessary need and requirement of the work that is necessary for the redevelopment or renovation of the building. With the help of a laser scanning machine, the team will scan the entire building and based on the scan report will understand the need of the work that is required in the renovation of the required construction building.

Let us now proceed further and discuss the importance of laser scanning services in India that has made the level of understanding of renovation of the project very easier and faster.


Comprehensive Design Validation: The very first step that needs to be taken into consideration while working on a renovation or refurbishment project is the comprehensive and detailed evaluation and assessment of the building or its structure and with that validating the completely new design. This undertaking of the work helps in developing an accurate 3D model with all the details and other MEP components. 

These BIM models created are further used to perform the next step of work which is clash detection and interference of the structure. Laser scanning to BIM modeling services gives access to advanced accuracy of the project and it is due to the as-built model that is been created and which is solely dependent on the true and actual images of the building that is been scanned with the help of laser scanning tools and machine.

Building Analysis: The analysis of the building model is a necessary element and this is possible only with the help of using laser scanning technology. This service not only assists in knowing the situation of the building structure, parts, or design but also helps in analyzing and estimating the overall details of it that do arise during the reconstruction period. The estimation includes overall budgeting, costing, estimating, deadlines, and work schedule.

Seamless Team Coordination and Cooperation: In any project, it is a must to have proper coordination and cooperation between the team. The best thing about outsourcing laser scanning services in India is the 3D models generated with the collaboration of scan machines and with that, it brings a balanced level of communication between the personnel who are associated with the project.

Intensified Planning and Designing: The very first thing that needs to be undertaken before the construction takes place is to analyze and check the current condition of the building and along with that its clashes with the designs that are newly created. The dimensions and the details are accurate and it is due to the laser scans that are being obtained. This process assists in having proper planning of the 3D Revit modeling and that too with much accuracy and with apt details.

Risk Mitigation: With the help of undertaking laser scanning services and receiving 3D Laser Scanning Services in India the risk in the overall project is been reduced to a great extent. All the data that has been captured with the help of laser scanning techniques reduces the process of rework and with that, the risk involved with it also gets reduced to a great extent.

Conclusion: The blog shared by Mars BIM focuses on laser scanning services along with 3D Building Scanning in India and Laser Scanning to BIM and with that how this service is important when there is a need to have redevelopment or renovation in the current building or its structure.

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  1. Thank you for explaining that laser scanning technology makes the analysis of a building model possible. I’ve been wondering how to get an accurate idea for the scope of the building project that we’re planning. It seems like this might be a good way to make sure that we get that analysis.

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